Empowering your company to develop successfully

As entrepreneurs we see ourselves as a competent “sparring partner” for shareholders but also helping local management in “getting things done”.


Have you e.g. ever wanted to know which products really are your “feeders” and “bleeders” or wondered why process improvements are not enough to create profit?


Is your corporate strategy consistent all the way down to the shop floor? Are all personnel targets in line with the set strategy?


Have you acquired a company e.g. abroad and now have difficulty integrating it into your company or found that what you bought was not what you imagined?

We can support you in, among others, the areas of

  • Redesigning your business model
  • Strategic realignment/Footprint optimization
  • Due Diligence and Post merger integration
  • Implementation of efficient controlling methods
  • Cost management (direct/indirect)
  • Working capital management
  • Earnings-& efficiency increase
  • Process Improvements
  • Spin-offs from our experience with larger companies
  • Dealing with financial constraints for accelerated growth
  • Creating low-impact but efficient internal reporting or reviews that really ask the questions that you need to be asking
  • Using our multi-cultural team (German, British, Chinese, all speaking a variety of languages, working together over many years, with the trust and time-saving that this brings) to remove problems created by cultural issues or differences in outlooks.


We can support you in finding the right investor.